Multidisciplinary Design Studio

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berlin, germany

Avena Collection(Hotel Amenities)Avena Collection(Hotel Amenities)
Gold of SoapGold of Soap
Rimmed glasses
2Ar Identity
Laboo Labyrinth Toy
Dustcloud WebsiteDustcloud Website
Das Bier Packaging
La chica azul Identity
Social Graphics Poster
Architectural Visualization
Legere Type
Carme Teatre Merchandising
Carme Teatre Identity
Govern Obert Identity
Ramp Type
Eme - Experimental Illustration & Design Magazine
Cykelmetro - Public Transport
Coloretes - a childhood friend
Bb identity and packaging - not just water
Nilfisk X1 - Vacuum Cleaner
Barcode Furniture
VOPCTAB Selective Dustbins
Vent Fan

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